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Friday, December 18, 2009

Todays Featured Video: make your own chipboard embellishments

In 2006, chipboard became a big hit with scrapbookers and the trend continues!

Chipboard is a cardboard-like material but thinner. Not all chipboard is acid-free so make sure to check its packaging label. Usually those created as scrapbooking embellishments are acid-free.


As you can see, pre-made chipboards make very interesting page accents and add dimension to your scrapbooking layouts. They can instantly brighten up a layout. The good thing is they are not too bulky. Just add adhesive to the back of the pre-made chipboard piece and stick it to your desired place on your layout. Easy to use.

Pre-made chipboard can be costly. Companies started producing plain chipboard. They are less expensive but not as pretty and a new scrapbooker might be stumped by how to use it!

Plain chipboard or naked chipboard is fantastic for customizing and creating your very own unique embellishment, at a fraction of the price. You can customize it perfectly to match any layout!

Some ideas for embellishing your plain chipboard for:

  • Cover it up with patterned paper
  • Use rub-on to create text or custom designs
  • Embellish with stickers, flowers etc
  • Paint it
  • Stamp it
  • Ink it
  • distress it

  • Chipboard is a very versatile scrapbooking embellishment with endless possibilities!

    If you want to a step-by-step guide to creating your own designed chipboard, don't miss out on the video below by Tammy Mitchell.

  • Recently, I have started making my own chipboard by recycling empty cereal boxes, pop tart, macaroni boxes etc. I find these boxes the perfect thickness to create custom chipboard for my layouts and best of all, they are Free and I am helping the earth in the long run. While you might be worried about the acidity of these recycled options, you can purchase a spray that will neutralize them for you. (don't tell anyone but I dont bother to neutralize mine, I juse use them as is)

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    lisa808 said...

    I never heard about 'neutralizing' the cardboard. I always just cover it with paper.