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Friday, July 17, 2009

Thinking Inking

If you havent been following Jennifer McGuire's thinking inking videos, you are missing out! If you love this one, be sure to stop by the two peas website for the rest of the videos!~

Sharing a few Blooming Beautiful

It's been a super long week and the inspection is over. My body feels like I have been hit by a truck. Did you ever have a really stressful week and then you got sick. I can feel it coming, it starts with a chest cold, by Monday, I will probably be laid up in bed. (thats assuming I dont spend the whole weekend there to begin with) My body always has a way of making me slow down whether I want to or not.

Amazingly enough, when I sat down to stamp and blow off some steam, I had no mojo. How does that happen, when I really need to create more than ever!

Thank goodness for splitcoast, you can just pick a stamp set and look at all the beautiful creations that others have made. Usually, I only need to case one or two to get started, then the creativity starts flowing.

I picked this stamp set today because I really needed something pretty. Stress is so ugly and takes such a tole on the body and mind. I find flowers to be beautiful and I have never used this set before, So I just jumped in and decided to give it a whirl.
I loved putting the greens and purples together with the craft. Ah, it feels so much better to have stamped. I used to scrapbook to be creative. My life has not been scrapbook worthy lately. I feel like I can only create sad pages, which of course, would do nothing for my mood, so I decided to to stamp some flowers, to make me feel better......

I hope that I havent lost all of my blog readers this past week, while I have neglected my blog. Might have to work extra hard to get people back to see me ;)

What do you do when you are sad? What makes you feel better? How do you make yourself feel better after being stressed for a while? Does stampin help you too? what do you like to stamp when you are sad, or recoving from a stressful week?
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