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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annie May Angel

Here is a card I created for the owlwhimsy design team. These digi-stamps are really incredible, aren't they? I always love what Steph comes up with and can't wait to create again. Steph is new at this, so be sure to stop by the blog and give her some hugs and enouragement!

More Thoughts of Father

I really do love this set, I am going to be sad to see it go! I used some Parisian Breeze scraps on this one (I am sad to see it go too) I added a little oval punch, with the oval all stamp set and a scalloped oval, Topped the whole thing off with some Baja Breeze Ribbon

I used my sizzzix to cut an scalloped oval for the second card, lots of Tea dye distress ink and just the top part of the sentiment stamp. To the Nines (this one is staying around!) Specialty Paper scraps

For the third card, I used a little chocolate chip grosgrain ribbon, some Olive Green Staz On and some more paper scraps.
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Thoughts of Father

I probably should have featured this set last week for Father's Day, but, I didnt....

I love this set. If you enjoy the coloring book aspects of stamping, you will enjoy this set too.

I made all these cards using scraps from my scrap bin, I am trying to use up all the retiring DSP.

The first card uses whisper white and Hunter Green.

This next card uses the same colors, but I threw in a little To the Nines, using my fiskars punch, I love this punch, it really looks like notebook paper, I love how the new fiskars punches are so compact too! I used my ticket corner punch to embellish the sentiment. Of course, I used my Copics to color.... I love those things!

I used some Bella Birds scraps on this one and some chocolate chip ribbon, I really love the way it came out, dont you?
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A different kind of Post (Sorry this is long)

I don't usually post about things other than my scrappin and stampin, but I have got to vent somewhere and today, its gonna be here! I guess there is no better place to vent since you all can just choose to not read this and I still get to get things off my chest.

As most of you know, I am a single mother of three boys. These boys keep me laughing each and every day, but, they make me cry every day too! What you ask can these three beautiful boys do to make me cry? Let me tell you!

Last week was the first week of summer vacation. My oldest is 13, so I decided to let them stay home this summer (Easier on the pocketbook too, since my ex 50K behind in child support and summer camp is 400 a week for three boys of their age)

So, on the second day of their summer vacation, I came home from work, I wasn't even in the in the house, maybe ten minutes (I still had my uniform on) and there is a large rap on the door followed by the landlord walking in the house. (He doesn't usually do this)

Apparently, my darling little sons were throwing "bags of paint" at the house next door (also the landlord's house), which turned out to be bags filled with baking soda and vinegar, which make a nice little chemical reaction if you have never seen it. The person who called the landlord also reported that there were about 10 (which turned out to be 4) climbing on the shed next door.

After searching the yard, we found the worst part of all, FLAME THROWERS!!!!! Yep, my beloved children were tying grill lighters to aerosol cans and well, you know the rest....

Now, I am not a tall woman, at 5'3" and my 13 year old is as tall (maybe taller, I'm in denial) as I am (It's kind of funny wagging my finger at some one I have to look up to) What was my so very responsible 13 year old doing while the younger ones were engaged in flame throwing?? Apparently, you can't keep an eye on your brothers while engaged in an engrossing game of Wii Sports.

OMG, can you believe that I dont have any gray hair yet?

So, my younger brother (he's 30) had occassion to be available for staying at my house this summer (long story in and of its self) so, he came down to spend some time with his wayward nephews (Now let me tell you, 15 years ago, I would never have imagined my brother being responsible enough to watch any ones kids) but, desperate times.......

So, on Father's day, the base had an air show (It also happened to be my brother's birthday) so we all spent a nice day watching the air show and then went out to an early dinner at a chinese buffet. My middle son (yes, you don't have to tell me about the middle son theory) asked me for some of my tea (reportedly, because his was empty) I graciously shared my tea with my parched child, who returned me an empty cup.

Before I go on, let me tell you that my dad put some hot sauce on his food and said the hot sauce was a little much for him (I didnt know anything was a little hot for him) I am sure you can see where I am going with this......

Yep, my beloved middle son, gave me his cup and said, I really wasnt out of tea mom, here ya go. Not catching on just yet, I grabbed the cup from his precious little hand and took a nice big gulp of, YEP, HOT SAUCE!!!! (some combination of hot sauce, soy sauce and tea) After finishing my dad's drink, my brother's drink and starting on my dad's girlfriend's tea, my chest starts to tighten and as I start coughing like a sputtering engine, I realize this fabulous cocktail my son gave me has brought on an asthma attack....

So, on to today.... I took some time off to clean my house and get my brother moved in. I am sitting here in my own living room and the kids are playing with water balloons in the front yard (it is supposed to be 90 today). I hear a horn blow out front, followed by "GO GET YOUR MOM!" I go to the door, to find that my dear sons have decided to stop throwing balloons at eachother and substitute it for throwing them at oncoming cars. AND, the car they chose..... none other than an unmarked police car....... HOLY CRAP I AM GONNA GO GRAY!!!!!

Thanks for listening

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received this nice award from one of my fellow stamping blogging sisters, Shell! I am so honored to be picked for a blogging award, I guess someone is reading my blog afterall ;)

Here are the rules when you receive the award:

Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

Link to the person who gave you the award.

List 7 things about yourself that people may find interesting.

Nominate 7 new Kreativ Bloggers.

Post links to the new nominated blogs.

Leave a comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

My Seven Things:
1. I am an Officer in the United States Air Force, where I have served for almost 20 years
2. I love to ballroom dance and would do more of it, if I could afford the lessons
3. I drink a 6 pack (at least) of diet Mt Dew every day
4. I could probably win an award for the messiest house and or car
5. I met the Love of my Life on the Yahoo Personals
6. I can't eat bananas or melons because I don't like the texture
7. I am a closet choco-holic (who isn't?)

My nominations for the award: Although these bloggers are super incredible and have probably received these awards before, They are the blogs I turn to again and again for inspiration and I must admit, it was so hard to choose only 7!

1. Becky Roberts from Inking Idaho
2. Michelle Zindorf from Freedom in Creating
3. Gretchen Barron from Inspiration in Action
4. Donna Centamore Butternut Sage Designs
5. Andrea Walford from Sunny Stampin Inc
6. Debbie from Thinking Inking
7. Scrapworld (sorry, I dont know your name, but your work is incredible!!!!)
8. Gayla O'Dell and Melissa Rogers from Mega Stampin Studio
9. Erin Blair from STARS - Sharing the Art of Rubber Stamping
10. Laurie from Tip Junkie

Oh crap, I guess, I didnt choose only 7, guess we will go with ten, hope thats not against the rules, too much! I always have been a habitual line stepper, lol

More of this week's featured set: The Free and the Brave

I am really going to miss this set, it is one of my favorites. I gave two of these sets away to lucky bloggers during the CFH (Cards For Heroes) Blog Hop last month.

I used "Land that I love" from print works as my background stamp here, its just something I have had in my stash for a while and I thought it would make a good background!

Even though this set is retiring, I promise you are going to love the new patriotic/military stamps in the new catty, I cannot wait to show you!

I committed myself to 98 cards (one for each comment left during the hop) duing the CFH blog hop, so, these six will make a good start!

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