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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Give Boring Picture Frames a High-Style Makeover

Take old frames from boring to beautiful.

gem frames DIY these elegant gemstone frames
Image Courtesy of www.rufflesandstuff.com

A simple frame can turn almost any found object into a one-of-a-kind piece of art, whether you're showing off your favorite wedding photo, grouping shots of your grandparents from their younger days, keeping a favorite piece of paper or fabric front and center, or highlighting old book covers and calendar shots. Give all your frames a fancy makeover with this tutorial for elegant gemstone makeovers from Ruffles and Stuff.
Here, the artist used inexpensive glass gems (which she found for $3 per bag) and frames from the dollar store as her raw materials, but scout your home before you start shopping: any flat frame, no matter the color pattern, will work. Paint the frames with chic color palates, like black, silver, or gold, and then hot glue the gems on—it's that simple.
The real finishing touches, though, are the embellishments; for these, search your sewing bag, craft room, jewelry box, and wrapping paper supplies for ribbons, brooches, fabric flowers, and other accessories that will take your leftover frames from thrift-store castoffs to focal points.

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Todays Featured Video; Welding with SCAL or MTC a comparison

Todays video will show you the difference between welding in SCAL, SCAL2 and Make the cut. Please note, this is one users opinion. I happen to own both SCAL and MTC and prefer MTC, hands down!

You don't have to take my word for it, you can try it out for yourself here.
If you are ready to purchase it, try it here.
Learn more about this fabulous software here  

If you prefer SCAL, you can get a trial version of that too, right here

Get the best of both worlds by grabbing trial versions of both and compare them yourself, what have you got to lose?

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Project 365 and One Word

Have you guys decided to do a project 365 or similar version? I have taken 5 pictures so far, but, I actually took them all yesterday, does that still count? Will anyone know? He he, I guess so since I told you my secret, but, in case you didn't get started, check out this great post over at Design House digital, they have some super great ideas over there, challenges and some great digitals for sale to help you get started on your project. Did you download the freebie from the other day? Consider Joining Designer Digitals to get a great list of photography challenges/ideas.

Dont forget to head on over to House of 3 to download this great freebie (see above) to make your top 10 goals of 2010. They are also sponsoring a web class, be sure to check it out!

What about a word for the year, are you picking a word or a theme or something like that this year? I am still trying to decide what my one word is. I thought Grace would be a good word, cuz I am so passionate about things sometimes, I forget to be graceful in my pursuit of my desires, especially at work, grace has never been a strong suit....  So then, as I try to quit smoking, start exercising, pay of my debt, I am thinking maybe Determination needs to be my word for this year... I need to be determined in my pursuit of all things me, like the Air Force is having the Year of the Air Force Family this year should be the Year of Angi, and everything I need to pursue in order to get my life together... Okay, I think that is it, I think it will be DETERMINATION this year, I can be graceful after I get my shit together, eh?

Oh, this just in, I changed my mind, maybe discipline should be my word, check out Christine Kane's free worksheet to help you select your word or intention for the year

I need Discipline to pay off my debt, use my scrap stash, lose weight, quit smoking, move more, scrap more, get my class work done... Discipline, I think it has a nice ring to it!

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Coupons Coupons Coupons

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Another New Years Freebie SVG

Another SVG freebie for you, this one is by Amy

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Free SVG: hour Glass

When I saw this SVG file, I thought it would be perfect for a New Years Page, about goals, or the sands of time or something to that effect... What about you, link back and show me what you come up with using this file by Wanda

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