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Friday, December 18, 2009

DesignStudio Program Updates:

Click here to go get your DS updates

The following is the new Cricut DesignStudio installer. Start by making sure DesignStudio is not running. Next uninstall your current version of DesignStudio. This can be done from the start menu by going to Programs, Cricut DesignStudio, Uninstall Cricut DesignStudio. Then download and run the file below from a administrator account. This will install the new version on DesignStudio. Uninstalling your previous version will not remove the activation information, or any projects saved, from your machine.

Design Studio Changes: (Updated November 2009)

Added Features:

* Converts *.cut files to *.gypsy files.
* Can open and save *.gypsy files.
* Improved reliability of Cricut DesignStudio.

Design Studio Changes: (Updated December 2008)

Reconfigured to make it compatible with 32 and 64 Bit computers, adjusted the firmware, fixed the nudge feature and added the Hide Selected Contours feature.
DesignStudio Font Packs:

Font packs are separate installers that contain new cartridges not included in the installer above. Download and run the program below to add new cartridges to your collection.

DesignStudio Content V091216 Change Log – December 17, 2009

Added support for the following cartridges:

* Love Struck 2010
* Mothers Day 2010
* Easter 2010
* Songbird
* Heritage
* Tie the Knot
* Forever Young
* Sentimentals

DesignStudio Content V091118 Change Log – November 19, 2009

Added support for the following cartridges:

* DC Comics - Batman: The Brave and the Bold
* DC Comics – Superman
* Sweet Treats
* Paisley
* Serenade

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