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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Final decision on my one little word

I cant wait until the rest of this class/kit is revealed, doesn't it just look so yummy? Click on the photo to head over to Heidi's place to find out more... the big reveal is tonight!

In the mean time, I have finally decided my one little word, I was tossing a few around this week....

Yep, I finally decided the word will be Discipline, because it does fall into line with my other goals for the year....

1. Quit Smoking - Am on day 3 now.... GRRRRR and it certainly required discipline to drive past the WaWa without stopping and grabbing a pack, I didnt succumb, tried to talk my brother into heading down to the store last night to get me some, but, he didnt give in, and I didnt get in my car myself and go get them, so... day three is almost over and when that is done, its all mental from here!

2. Get out of Debt  & 3. Spend less money on scrapbook stuff, obviously, I need to have Discipline to accomplish these things, I have to drive past the AC Moore rather than pull into the parking lot strategically between AC Moore and Joanns so I can shop at both without having to walk too far to one store or the other with too many shopping bags.

4,5,6 - Lose 30 pounds, exercise more and drink more water and eat healthy - of course, I need discipline to stay away from the cake and go to the gym when I would prefer to put my PJs on and scrapbook while catching up on the week's episodes of General Hospital.

7,8 & 9 - well all three of these are educational/career goals that require me to sit down and attend the online class, write my research paper and finish my project management and lean six sigma classes, again, when we all know I would much rather scrapbook all night and all weekend then attend class or work on my paper, so without DISCIPLINE, these goals arent going to happen either.

Finally, my 10th goal of 2010 was to eat more meals together as a family. I often cook something when I get home and the boys and I eat at various times, between our various activities, in front of the TV or computer...... no so long ago, we made dinner together, all in the kitchen, one kid opening a can, while one stirred the sauce and on washed the dishes, and we all sat down together to eat, then we went on about our evening activities. The 9 year old actually asked if we could eat together as a family the next night and that was when I decided it would be my goal 10 of 2010.

I found this online today, while looking for some photos to exemplify my one small word,  It is an advertisement for a course on self discipline, but rings true to me non-the-less as I have always been a victim of instant gratification, especially when it comes to sweets, money and scrapbook stuff of course!

Life's Real Winners
People who reject the value of instant gratification and develop the skill of self-discipline are life's real winners.

okay, maybe this discipline photo is more instant gratification, lol......

"I am responsible.
Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening,
I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life.
Bad things do happen.
How I respond to them
Defines my character.
It defines the quality of my life.
I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness,
immobilized by the gravity of my loss,
Or I can choose to rise from the pain
And treasure the most precious gift I have
life itself."

Walter Anderson 
I am totally loving this site with lots of motivation! Just a set of Jumper Cables

I guess if I show you all the great images on self discipline now, I wont have any left for other posts ;)
Do you have your word picked?

Ali Edwards, whom I believe started this project several years ago, listed all the little words everyone chose in her post today, you can check it out here

I used this sketch from Capture these sketches and this challenge from challenge masters

Have you picked a word yet?

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