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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Make your own Paper Flower

How to Make Paper Flowers 

by Kate Pullen

Finished Paper Flower
Finished Paper Flower

These pretty paper flowers are ideal for making into bouquets or centerpieces for parties. Stamp a design in a contrasting color ink to really get the full effect when the flowers are formed. Stamp a design that coordinates with other decorations to follow a decorative theme of a party or other celebration.

These flowers are made from sheets of rectangular tissue paper and can be made any size. The flower in the picture was created from pieces of tissue paper that were 5" x 8"

Materials Required
  • 4 sheets of tissue paper
  • Rubber stamps and inks
  • Scissors
  • Craft wire
Instructions to make a large version of this flower can be found here - How to Make a Large Paper Flower.

Stamp the Tissue Paper

Stamp the Tissue Paper
Stamp the Tissue Paper

Stamp an all over design over the tissue paper. A contrasting color ink, such as the black ink used on white paper, gives the most dramatic effect. Use a stamp that complements other designs, for instance that reflects the theme of a wedding or party, if required.

Tip: Remember that tissue paper is thin and the ink may seep through the paper. Work on a protective surface to ensure that the ink does not damage the work surface.

Fold the Paper

Fold the Paper
Fold the Paper

When the ink is dry, accordion fold the paper, folding the short edge. Keep the folds relatively small. The layers of paper will be fluffed out later and this will disguise any uneven folds. Wrap a piece of craft wire around the center of the folded paper.

Finish the Flower

Fluff Out the Paper
Fluff Out the Paper
Carefully fluff out each piece of paper. This needs to be done carefully and slowly to stop the paper from tearing. The picture shows one half of the flower that has been 'fluffed' compared with the other side that is still folded. When the flower is finished, use the craft wire to attach the flower to a stick or pipe cleaner and stand the flower in a vase. The flowers can also be attached to a piece of string and used as a garland.

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