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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top ten reasons to send a handmade card!

by Elaine Wilson

1. They’re guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. If you use a clear envelope, it will bring a smile to the face of every person who sees it along it’s merry way!

2. In this e-mail and information age, we’ve lost sight of how fun it is to receive “snail” mail instead of just bills. Let’s make it FUN to go to the mailbox again!

3. Everybody likes to receive something personalized instead of mass-made. It makes them feel special! Think about the last note YOU received.

4. A stamped card or gift wrap adds an extra pizzazz to a gift card or small token. Turn a small gift into something special.

5. It takes a little time to create something handmade, and the recipient can feel that extra unique touch. No one else creates quite like you!

6. Handmade cards are often kept long after the store-bought ones are tossed!

7. You’ll never be at a loss for an occasion—there’s always somebody getting married, having a baby, graduating, retiring, moving, or having a birthday.

8. Handmade cards can be recycled. Just cut off the fronts and adhere to a new card. You’ll never see anyone do that with a store card.

9. Handmade cards can cost up to four dollars LESS than store-bought ones. WOW!

10. If you think hard enough, you’ll come up with a least one person you really ought to send a thank-you. Your mother would be proud!

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