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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finding Happiness in nature

I have started exploring a new way of looking at the world and thinking (or not thinking)
I am exploring Buddhism and I find it fascinating! Many people think Buddhism
is a religion, when in fact, it is simply a way of life, a different way of seeing things
finding that all things have a beginning and an end.

I am learning to just be still and feel the moment at hand. Memories of the past
do not serve me in this moment, right here. Worries of the future also do not
have any impact on this part of my life, right here, today, right, now.

One of my favorite lessons so far: To the catterpillar it is the end, to the butterfly, it is just the beggining.

It really shows us that the death of something brings about the life of something else and if we just be still and let the world unfold, life will be so much easier.

So, I have been on a lil butterfly kick lately and I am trying to use up my retired DSP. The stamps are from the Simple Friendship set and happen to be some of my favorites at this junction in life.

As my life changes so much recently, it is hard not to concentrate on the end of things. My relationship recently ended, I am moving and I am changing positionsat work. Its a lot of change...... Buddha teaches us that the death that occurs in
the fall, is the mulch that makes way for the beauty of spring. Again, the death
of the flowers and leaves on the trees and the frozen earth make way for the new life that Spring brings to us.

Every year, dont you feel as though Spring comes and there is a new day. The frozen, hazy days of winter turn into warmth and renewed beauty. I chose Spring Song to signify, that not only are certain phases of my life ending, but these changes are fertilizing and making way for something new and beautiful.

I didnt write down where I got the sentiment from and I just cant seem to remember where it came from, but, I just thought it was appropriate....

When life gets tough..... Just take a deep breath...... and its all good.

While Studying the life of Buddha, I have been reading a lot of Eastern history and learning how Buddhism found its way to China and Japan from India and transformed into the Zen movement many associate with Buddhism, which is actually one school of Buddhism thought..... As I was contemplating the Eastern Influence on Buddhism and thinking of the fresh renewal of spring, I thought the set Eastern Influence would be appropriate. This card is for no occassion in particular, but I thought of the Buddhist thinking of compassion and the sadness that comes from the death of something, be it a relationship, a good day, a life, the day, the night, a star, a tree, a flower..... With Sympathy from Teeny Tiny Wishes seemed appropriate.

Happy Stamping!
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