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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Basic Stamping Kit - Everything you need to get started!

If you are new to card making, all the great tools and stamps and papers in the catalog can be confusing! It can be difficult to discern what is required from what is just nice to have. Of course, you want all the stamps in that new catty, but what tools do you need to get started? I have come up with this basic list of tools to help any card maker get started. The right card-making tools will save you time and give you professional results for cards that really stand out. You can learn from my mistakes and get just the necessary tools to get started, your really don't need to spend a fortune buying up everything you see:

Getting Started – the basics

Generally, you will need three types of adhesive to cover all your needs. Once you start adding to your menu of techniques, you will undoubtedly want to add more to things to your stash, but to get started, I recommend you try the following items:

2-Way Glue Pen - $3.50

This pen will allow permanent or temporary adhesive depending on how you use it. While it is not my favorite adhesive, it is a great choice while you are starting out and learning the properties of the different types of adhesive. It works perfect for paper to paper gluing and is a great option when you start learning to use glitter.

Snail Adhesive - $6.95

This is the perfect choice for adhering ribbon to your projects, I really haven't found another adhesive that works this well with ribbons! Trust me, when I say that I have tried them all!

Stampin Dimensionals - $3.95

You will see many crafters using pop uop dots, glue dots etc. By far, my favorite of all the choice are the Stampin Dimensionals, these 1/16" thick adhesive foam dots are perfect to add dimension to your projects and even will adhere ribbon, when youre in a pinch!

Bone folder - $6.95
Many card makers use a bone folder tool to crease, score and smooth down folds. The pointed end is used to score folds while the smooth end is used to smooth folds.
Other card makers will use a scoring blade, some will use a ruler and others will just fold the card in half! For many years, I used a brayer to enforce my folds, but once I was introduced to a bone folder, I started learning more appropriate techniques for my brayer!

Scissors or Paper Snips - $9.95
You can use regular scissors for cutting various materials, fine-tipped (or manicure scissors) for more cutting detail and decorative scissors for fancy edges. The paper snips will provide you with expert cutting in even the tiniest areas and the precision blade allows you to cut to the end of the snips. Please note, if there is one place you want to skimp, I do not recommend you choose scissors as that place! I have tried many different scissors, and you really can mess up your day if you dont have a quality pair. There are some alternative brands I can recommend for the asking, but you wont get a quality pair for less than this!

Papers and cardstock - $7.95
Paper is all around us in life and you should start collecting papers that catch your eye. Leftover wrapping paper from presents, wallpaper scraps, postcards, pictures from magazines, toy packaging, even candy wrappers or food packaging can have great designs you can use for your cards.

I recommend you start with simple whisper white cardstock, because it allows you the most flexibility. We have 56 Standard Colors and a fantastic assortment of (6) in-colors that change with each catalog, for you to choose from! I recommend you start with white until you get a feel for your style, or atleast pick a color family and get an assortment of cardstock to choose from (If you love color and cant bare to go all white) * the basics kit includes the whisper white, contact me for different color choices

Paper Cutter - $24.95

You can generally measure, cut and score with great accuracy on this one piece of equipment. The small blade cuts and sizes paper with straight edges while the scoring function allows for straight and clean folds without the fuss of conventional measuring. Again, if you’re just starting out, a pencil, eraser, ruler and scissors will get you the same result. But this is one tool I recommend you dont skimp on, because accurate cuts are so very important to card making and measuring with a ruler can be so frustrating!

Pencils, pens and chalks
There is a wide variety of pens, pencils and chalks that produce very different effects. The choices are based around nib size, colours and thicknesses. While we have all the markers and chalks you need at Stampin up, I recommend you start with a basic pencil for your basics kit!

A plastic ruler is fine for measuring but many card makers use a steel one for cutting and tearing paper and card.

You can also start to gather bits and pieces you might have lying around such as ribbon, buttons, old greeting cards, pressed flowers – anything that you might like to put into a card design. Keeping old cards is a great idea because you can cut out the pictures and greetings to use on your own cards (as long as you don’t copy them for mass distribution).

Although there is an endless supply of materials you can buy, you will find there is always something you can do to avoid buying lots of things. Of course, if you’re looking for convenience, then a lot of the bought products are really hard to beat and will often save you time.

Don’t get put off by not having the “exact” same pieces you see in cards you like. You may not need all of the pieces and you can always substitute or create your own special twist. Ribbon could also be a collection of wool scraps, thin strips of material, string, cord out of an old pair of draw string pants …..

Don’t get stuck on having to have all the “bells and whistles” – they’re nice but you don’t need them. This basic kit is perfect to get you started and I have used my own experience to cut through all the crap and just tell you what you NEED to get started.

If you follow my blog, I will introduce you to lots of new techniques and products will be available as you go!

Cutting mat (self-healing) - Optional but recommended - $15.95
Useful for measuring but most importantly, cutting card while protecting your work surface. Self healing means that any cuts made do not permanently dent or mark the mat.
Again, the idea behind a mat is to have a solid work surface so you don’t damage your table at home. An old towel laid down with some thick cardboard or an old phone book can get you started.

Tweezers - optional
Tweezers can be good for picking up and placing delicate materials or small items such as stickers, peel offs, dried flowers, small beads. My fellow crafters recommend this as a necessary starter tool, but I confess that after scrapbooking and card making for more than ten years, I still dont have any tweezers.

You can get this entire starter set (not including the option items) for the discounted rate of $60.00 + $6.95 shipping and handling direct to your door! If you want to add a stamp set valued at $25.00 or more, i will throw in a single classic ink pad of your choice for FREE. I will also send include a PDF file of basic stamping techniques to get you started! Don't wait! Get your basics today so you are ready to learn new techniques with me, each week, I will feature a new technique for you to try! I will make all the supplies necessary to try the techniques available for purchase and you can build you stash slowly, the affordable way, because you will purchase only what you need! Order your Basics Kit Today!

Getting Started - Basic Stampin Kit

Contact me at angi89@yahoo.com to order your add on stamps and inks!

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