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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey girls!!

Greetings all my favorite blog readers!!! I have been gone for sometime now, but I have decided to come back.... I am not sure what form the blog will take as the last one was so much work! I would still love if anyone is willing to help post all those great samples I used to post! Maybe a few peeps to take a day a week... or a type of sample... anywho, in the meantime, I recently joined the hyster sister hood, if you are joining us soon, be sure to check out this website for great support! http://www.hystersisters.com/

While in my lazy post-op state, I havent been scrapping at all, can you believe that? I have been catching up on my reading and just finished a fab little number by an author I have never read before. The art of French Kissing is a great little book, especially after my recent break-up. (My boyfriend of 4 years decided to get it stuck in some other girl...)

If you are any of your gals recently had a break up, or even if your just looking for a lite summer read, I recommend this one.

Let's see, I started couponing in March, this has been consuming much of my free time recently as I actually started spending just pennies on the dollar for groceries and other consumables, I will probably add some of this to my new format as well....

I would love to hear from you, if you are still out there, tell me what you want to see... Ive missed blogging!
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The Art of French Kissing
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