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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where did all the pictures go and why haven't you answered my email?

In the past few days, I discovered a few interesting things.

1. When you delete photos from Picasa, it deletes them from your blogger posts.
2. If you use blogger, you should check your gmail regularly.

So, what does this mean to my regular readers? I recently, deleted all my photos from my picasa web albums that I didnt want or need to save. What I did not realize at the time was this would delete them from my blogger posts, this is the reason, you are getting blank pictures with boxes and question marks. See, I usually prepare a bunch of blog posts in advance. Since I am in the military, my schedule is sometimes unpredictable and I like to keep my readers interested, so I set posts to automatically load on any given day. When I recently deleted some photos from my photo account, it wiped all the pics from my scheduled posts. Ooops. Since I get stuff from all over the internet, I did not want to go back and find all these missing pictures again, so, there are blank pics. As far as I know, you can still click on the empty box to download the cutfile. These posts will be ending soon, as I mostly caught up through December before I realized. There may be a few more over the next few months and sorry to all of you this has been inconvenient for!

I have also learned that many of you send emails through gmail. I never read this email because I use yahoo. Now I know that I have been getting tons of emails from gmail and I will start reading in regularly. Thanks for your patience and I promise your posts will be back to you soon. If you recently emailed me about the problem with my pictures thanks! I will not be responding to each of you individually, however, if you sent me an email on a different subject, i look forward to your emails and comments always and will be responding soon!

Merry Christmas!!! I look forward to another year of blogging with you!

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