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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Valentines Project

I am starting to work on a few Valentines projects already and I havent even started scrapbooking Christmas pictures yet! But, I came across a little board book from dollar tree or target or something, it was only a dollar, wherever it is from... Anyway, I have a bunch of papers from last year and I am trying to limit my spending on scrap supplies, since I have almost two entire rooms of supplies. Isn't it so hard to resist with so many beautiful papers and ribbons and buttons and flowers out there....

I decided to start using up my stash. Since I am also working on a 2010 goals, I am trying to find an obtainable goal for scrapbooking. I would love to say that I am not going to buy anything for an entire year, but, is that really possible? I don't think so, I mean, I wouldnt last a single paycheck, would I? I plan to apply to some design teams, in hopes that I can get some beautiful freebies for my stash, you know, to keep my designs fresh.

Of course, I have to keep getting my Memory Works monthly kits, so I cannot stop buying those, I need those for the business, right? Is this starting to sound like justification? I have to buy glue too and while I do have some flowers and buttons, I surely dont have enough for a year.....

So, I am going to attempt to to come up with a realistic, obtainable goal, that limits the amount of stuff that I can get, while still creating fresh designs.... I mean really, how many paper scraps can you accumulate. I tried to go through them and get rid of some, you know a New Year, lets try and get started with a fresh scrap pile, but I just cannot bare to throw these beautiful papers away.... What about you? Are you planning any scrapbook goals?

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