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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reasons to Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook in December

by Kate Pullen 1st - Start of National Tie Month - ties make great themes for cards for men. An origami tie is easy to make and is an interesting embellishment for a card. See Orgami Tie Card for more information.
2nd - First Safety Razor Patented - 1901 by King Camp Gillette. Razors or very sharp knives are used in a variety of rubber stamping projects. Sharp knives or scalpels are used to carve stamps from carving block or in some rubber stamping and polymer clay techniques such as mokume-gane. For more information see Cutting Tools and Polymer Clay Mokume Gane.
3rd - Birth Anniversary of Gilbert Stuart - in 1755. Gilbert Stuart was a famed portrait painter. Photographs have replaced portrait paintings as being the most common way to record images of people. If you are thinking about adding photos to any of your festive projects, take a look at this article from About.com Photography - Christmas Photo Tips.
4th - Feast of Saint Barbara - it is a custom that on this day, unmarried girls would pick a twig from a cherry tree and place it in water. If the twig blooms by Christmas Eve then the young girl will marry in the following year. Should you know someone who is planning a wedding then there are many ways that rubber stamps can be used, from making invitations through to embellishing table decorations. Find out more here Wedding Rubber Stamping
5th - James Christie Holds First Sale - in 1766. This later became Christie's, one of the largest auction houses in the world. Today, buying from online auction websites such as eBay can be a great way to find stamping bargains or unusual items. Find out more about buying stamps and other crafting items - Buying Rubber Stamps on eBay.
6th - Saint Nicholas Day - this day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. One custom is to give sweets or candies in children's shoes as a gift. Why not have your own variation on this custom and make little paper shoe gift boxes. There is a great free template and tutorial here - Paper Baby Shoe Template and Tutorial.
7th – National Cotton Candy Day - if you don't fancy celebrating the day by eating some cotton candy, mark the occasion by making some of your favorite candies and presenting them in a gift bag. Make a Bag Topper to give the gift a special finish.
8th - Anniversary of the Death of Architect, James Hoban - who designed the White House. Make your own houses with these free printable miniature houses from About.com Miniatures. These tiny paper houses would make great decorations or unusual gift boxes.
9th - The Kecksburg UFO incident - in 1965. In crafting terms, UFO is an acronym for unfinished objects. Most of us have one or two of these around or perhaps a stamp that has been purchased and never used. Make finishing your UFOs one of this year's New Year's Resolutions
10th - Birth Anniversary of Poet Emily Dickenson - in 1830. Poems and quotations can be a great source of inspiration for rubber stamping projects. A few lines from a poem or quotation could be just the kickstart that you need if you are looking for some new ideas. See Inspiration for Rubber Stamping Projects for more information.
11th - The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) founded - in 1946. There are many ways that rubber stampers can use their skills to raise money or awareness of a cause. Making handmade cards and selling them is one good way of raising money. Many stamp designers and companies also support good causes. Keep a look out for special stamps that are being sold to raise money for a cause. This is a great way to buy new stamps, while also giving your support.
12th - Less Than Two Weeks to Christmas - with less than two weeks to Christmas there is just time to make handmade gifts for friends and family. If you are stuck for ideas then take a look at this list of rubber stamped handmade gift ideas - Handmade Gift Ideas. You will find ideas for everything from rubber stamped jewelry to customized candles.
13th - National Cocoa Day - special cocoa recipes are ideal for making gifts in a jar. This Cocoa with Marshmallows recipe, for instance, would make a great gift when packaged in a jar which has been customized with rubber stamps. See Gifts in a Jar for more information.
14th - First Air Balloon Test Flight - the Montgolfier brothers first experiment with a hot air balloon before the first untethered and manned flight the year later. Mark the day by adding an air balloon into your stamping projects - this air balloon template can be used in a variety of ways - Air Balloon Template.
15th - Birth Anniversary L. L. Zamenhof, the Polish initiator of Esperanto in 1859. This international language, like many other languages, uses different characters than our standard keyboards have available. If you want to add a few words to a rubber stamping project that use characters that are not available on a standard QWERTY keyboard then a service such as the one offered by TypeIt may be useful. Simply type in what you want to say, using the online keyboard for special characters. This can then be copied and pasted into a word processor for printing. For more information about using printed text in rubber stamping projects see - Use Printed Text in Rubber Stamping Projects.

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