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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I need to vent

So.... I had decided last month not to sell Stampin Up anymore, there were several reasons and I decided it was the best decision for me and my family. I also decided, that I would keep my demonstratorship open, so that I could continue to purchase SU at a discount. I still like some of their products and I wanted to continue shopping with them, I just figured I could keep my minimum purchases by buying myself (really what I did anyway, i never really sold that much to begin with) So, several of my blog followers wanted me to keep the SU projects coming, even though I had decided not to sell it anymore. I went to log on to my demo site last night to get some of the pictures for the projects that are upcoming, and wa la... my demonstratorship has been suspended!!! Why, you ask? Because I shared coupons for craft stores on my blog, considered to be competitor coupons, so I have been suspended for not removing them.... What if the coupons were for clay or picture frames or whatever, SU doesnt sell those. On top of that, I have a suspiscion that a blog follower turned me in to SU... SO I have decided that I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROIM STAMPIN UP AGAIN!

I still dont feel better, but I am really pissed!

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Jeanne said...

Oh wow that is so not right!

JustYolie said...

Ah Angi that's too bad. But don't let that get to you. Lets move on to the great news you posted regarding your new design team. I am so looking forward to see what your team comes up with.

Go Scrappinoutloud design team!!!

Happy New Year! :)

kathy s said...

I think SU have killed alot of support and dedicated people with this new contract they have- as just a blog stalker i feel for all of you who put so much into this company and then be treated like you are. They will learn the hard way about how a business should be run- its like telling a department store you can only stock my products and not any other even if they are not the same lines as me. i don't blame you for being p****d i would be too. but when one door shuts another will open just be patient - good luck and HNY