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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Print Text for Rubber Stamping Projects

By Kate Pullen, About.com

In an ideal world we'd have text stamps for every purpose. However there are occasions when a special word or sentiment is required and the perfect stamp just cannot be found. Although alphabet stamps are a great solution for many projects, a whole range of sizes and styles would be required to create text suitable for every occasion. Printing text from a computer and adding this to rubber stamped projects ensures that a never ending supply of words and phrases can be produced.

This is also a useful technique for spur of the moment projects where there is no time to shop around for appropriate text stamps.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick
Here's How:

1. Type a greeting into a word processor on the computer. Change the font and size as required.

2. Use the 'preview' function on the computer to look at how the text is displayed. Some word processors or print packages allow you to look at the page in its actual size. Leave plenty of space around the text to allow it to be cut or shaped if required.

3. Print the page. It might be useful to print the page onto scrap paper first so the size and type of font can be assessed. Any paper or cardstock will work well, although thinner paper will work better with projects that absorb the text into the finished design and thicker papers or cards are better where text is to become a feature. Check your printer instructions first for any special requirements for printing on card.

4. Use the text as required. Here are some tips for incorporating the text into rubber stamping projects to give a seamless and professional finish:
Tear around the text and color the torn edges to co-ordinate the color scheme of the stamping project. Dabbing an ink pad around the edge will follow the color of the stamped images through the project.

5. Stick the text to a card and add stamped embellishments around the edge to disguise the edges.

6. Print the text directly onto cardstock and stamp around the text. Practice this on scrap paper first to ensure that the text is positioned correctly.

To avoid wasting paper, print several different messages onto a single sheet and store the remaining paper safely for future projects.

Match the font style to the rubber stamps that are to be used in a project. For instance, fun and quirky rubber stamps would be complemented by a less formal font.

Plan how the printed text is to be incorporated into a project so it does not look as though this has been stuck on as an afterthought!

Keep a note of fonts that you like and which stamping projects that they would be useful for. This saves time when working on a last minute project.

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