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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Home Decor

Isnt this great? Fellow Demo Jane created this great little treat! Check her out here for more info!

* Spooky Expressions from Stampin’ Up! Definitely Decorative Catalog (three faces for only $4.95!!)
* Decor Elements Applicator
* Glass Block
* Small Light Set (if you can find orange lights even better)
* Large Ribbon
* Exacto Knife

1. Clean the glass area – if there are stickers, make sure you clean them off.
2. Take the plastic plug and use the Exacto knife to cut an X through it. (My dear son, Michael, did this for me!!!)
3. Lay the block flat on your work surface.
4. Prep the Pumpkin Face piece with the applicator to release it from the grid portion.
5. Lay the Pumpkin Face piece on the glass block and use the applicator to release it from the paper.
6. Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles.
7. Insert the light set into the glass block (remember to cut off any tags).
8. Push the "male" end of the light set through the X’d plastic plug.
9. Decorate with sparkly ribbon. You may want to put orange raffia inside the glass too (be careful – don’t let it stay plugged in too long!).
10. Put it in a window or on your mantle to showcase it!