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Friday, September 4, 2009

Lovin my new PUNCH storage

Sherry, my most awesome office mate and her husband created this fabulous punch storage for me...... It almost holds all of my stamps and, she painted it my favorite color. I showed her a commercial one I had seen and said that I thought it cost to much, next thing I know, I walked in to find this on my desk!!!! Isnt she the best co-worker ever!!!!????? They wouldnt even let me pay them for it.
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Jayne S. said...

Very cool! I sent you an e-mail asking for a website where I could see the "commercial" one, but in case it gets sent to your SPAM folder, I thought I would comment here and ask for the same. (I'd like to see if my dad could possibly build one for me...)
Jayne S.

Olivia Campos-Mulligan said...

You are so lucky!!! What a great gift for any stamper. I would like to be next in line should they get bored and want to make another one, please. (wink). Olivia M

Andrea said...

That's so awesome! What an excellent co-worker you have! Now to see if my husband can make something similar.... ;) muhahaha