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Saturday, September 12, 2009

How To Condition Your Stamps

The Operators at one of my favorite sites, Stamping 411, came up with this fabulous tutorial to show you how to condition your stamps. The reason you want to condition your stamp is to get rid of that Hazy look they have when they come from the factory.

This is noticeable when you ink your stamp for the first time. When you’ve transferred the image to cardstock you get an image that looks something like the one on the left of this picture:

Yep! It’s especially noticeable with SOLID image stamps like this one where there are no lines to color in after stamping. But sometimes even your LINE ART images and GREETINGS need conditioning as well to make sure you are getting the best image transfer possible. We here at Stamping 411 know that you always want your images to look great from the first time you stamp them – us too! And the image on the right of the above picture shows you what a well conditioned, well inked stamp on cardstock looks like.

Now, there are several ways to Condition your stamps. The one I use almost exclusively is to lightly sand the stamp surface with my Sanding Block. I hold the stamp in one hand like this:

Then, I rub my Sanding Block back and forth a few times in one direction:

And then I turn the stamp a half turn and sand back and forth a few times in the opposite direction.

Once this is done, I spray some Stampin’ Mist on my Stampin’ Scrub and clean the stamp like this:

making it ready to use. It’s really that easy folks!

Two other methods that stampers use are equally easy.

One is to use your Staz-On Cleaner and simply clean off the stamp, clearing away the residue. Here is an example:

You can also use a pencil eraser and rub it lightly across the stamp surface, like this example:

Whatever method you choose is really up to your personal preference, but the main thing is to “Just Do It!”

Be sure to clean your stamp before use with Stampin' Mist and the Stampin' Scrub when using either of these examples as well.

One other thing to consider when stamping with a conditioned SOLID image stamp is to make sure it has plenty of ink on it.

The way I do this is to use the “Twist and Tap” method. I first twist the stamp on the surface of the ink pad – dye or Classic inks only for this, Craft or pigment inks are different – about 3 to four times. Then I tap it a couple of times on the ink pad to evenly distribute the ink across the stamp surface. This results in a crisp, clean image almost every time.


Lisa said...

Thanks! I have been unhappy with some of mine when they were new, and I have a few sets to break in. This really helps.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the new website for me! I've had some luck with rubbing the rubber onto my jeans. It seams to help! Sandpaper scares me on my stamps, but I'm probably ridiculous!! :)

lisa808 said...

This is a great tutorial--thanks for posting it.

Jenny McGee said...

This is great. I have heard of conditioning stamps, but have never done it and never known what to do. Thanks for the techniques. I will try these.

rush8888 said...

i will have to remember this. i have been disappointed with some of the stamps, and now i know what to do.

Sandra said...

thanks for the tip, it is amazing what a difference it makes!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I did sand a few of mine a couple of days ago and it really made a huge difference, never thought about using an eraser, though. thanks for the hints.