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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paper Punch Storage

Punch Storage

I have been trying to find a good way to store my punches, right now, they are taking up an entire drawer in my grandmother's old dresser. I have seen some very creative storage and I wanted to do some research to find my best option, functional, affordable and easy to look at without taking up too much space.

I found some of the following storage ideas: stampgeek utilized a gutter system to store her punches. Very economical (one of my qualifying charachteristics)

jenmaca used strap iron for her wall mounted system.
kreed32 used a closet door organizer for her punch stash

Nichole Heady from Capture the moment came up with these really creative solutions

. wooden spice rack from Stacks and Stacks

rail system from IKEA Check out Zee's solution here

storage shelves with rods from Pottery Barn

chrome drawer pulls from Restoration Hardware could be installed in orderly rows, one for each punch.

In addition to all of these creative solutions, I came up with a few more of my own:

The container store, is on of my favorites and I found several ideas there, including this one

How about this really simple, creative solution from the crafters toybox

Or, this really simple towel rack idea from Christy Nelson

Denise had her DH run with the towel rack idea and he used simple dowel rods to create this great storage, which really works in her small space!

Of course there is this previous post: where Sue Nagel, from Stampin Things has created this gorgeous storage unit for your punchies. It really is a fantastic solution, but a little out of my budget....

So, how do you store your punches? Do you have a creative, economical and funcitonal way to store your paper punches? Add a comment and tell me how you store yours.. I have a free Stampin Up Hostess set for the person who gives me the best, affordable option.


ms.cheryl said...

Honey, let me tell you... I bought a clear, over the door shoe organizer from Bed Bath and Beyound and hung it on the back of my craft room door. It's convenient, colorful and affordable. After a while I moved it inside my craft closet sliding door. Tomorrow is craft room reorganization day so who knows where it will end up. I love my punches stored this way and if I need more room I will buy another one just like it. Thanks, ms.cheryl

Anonymous said...

Hi..I loved checking out all the storage solutions. I am something of a nut about storage and organization so trust me when I tell you ...this is not an easy task! After many different ideas I settled on the over the door shoe holder. Why? Because you can store a ton of punches! seriously..you can fit 20 small ones in one pocket! I have so many punches..not counting them..afraid! But I even have room in the last row for odd or longer shaped tools and supplies. Truly...this is the best! I love the custom made things but they just take up space...I have 5 craft tables set up...I don't want anything on my tables! So while it is not a new idea..its the best one out there I think..ty for a chance to win! Cher

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have the perfect storage unit that only cost me $3.00. I went to a garage sale and found an old VCR tape rack. It has five rows and holds all, "Yes, all" of the current punches Stampin Up sells. It is free standing. Even the smallest punches stay put on this rack as do the long scallop punches. I have them in order according to shape. Everything is in view and I never have to search for any punches that may be hidden.
Lots of luck.
Linda H
Sacramento, CA

Anonymous said...

I have the perfect solution for you. I found an old VCR tape rack and it only cost me $3.00. It has five rows and holds all (Yes all) of the current punches SU sells and room for a few more. It is free standing and all my punches are in shape order and I can find them at a glance. No more digging and searching and trying to remember what I have or want to use! Good Luck!

Linda H
Sacramento, CA

Anonymous said...

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