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Friday, June 26, 2009

Adding Ribbon to your cards

Sometimes adding ribbon to a card is REALLY simple! Debbie, the ribbon lady shared this post on cafe mom, she really has some awesome ideas!

1. Stamp a solid block stamp in a fairly light color on white cardstock.

(stamp: Moon Rose)

2. Overstamp flower image with purple ink.

(stamp: Hearts In Touch)

3. Use a corner punch to add decorative edges to the corners and add some "bling" to the centers of the flowers.

4. Prepare the other card layers as shown below. The larger is just printed cardstock. The smaller piece is textured cardstock that I scalloped with my decorative scissors. If you have a cricut you could probably cut it using that as well:

5. Cut one, two or three pieces of ribbon that are long enough to wrap around the yellow card with plenty of extra to tie a double knot or a bow. Wrap the ribbon around the card so all ribbon ends meet about 2/3 down the vertical, scalloped edge of the card (right edge). Tape the ribbon to the back of the card so it stays.

6. Tie the ribbon into a bow or a double knot. Use popdots or dimensional tape to affix the flower image atop the bow-adorned yellow card, and do the same with the yellow card atop the printed cardstock background.

7. Prepare final layer and sentiment as desired.

8. Finish layering as shown and you're done with another easy ribbon embellished card!

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