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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twilight Challenge Tuesday

This is my first project for the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge. The challenge today was to create something about the mom in your life, about the relationship you have with your mother. This is a picture of my mother and her boyfriend and the reason I chose this picture is because it really defines the rift between my mother and I. I love my mother dearly, dont get me wrong, but I have never been able to relate to her need to be loved, her need to have a man in her life and her need to be with men that really treat her badly. While doing this layout, I could only think that if she loved an respected herself more, she wouldnt end up in bad relationships. Alot of her relationship problems stem back to the way she was raised. I just wish she knew that she didnt need to try so hard, she doesnt need to be such a people pleaser, she doesnt need to tell tall tales, we will love her without all of that. I just want to tell her that if she loved herself and accepted herself more, than she would be able to find a man that loved her for who she is and would respect her and treat her like the sweet, caring, people pleaser that she is!
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Deconstructing Jen said...

What a wonderful project. Your love for you mom really shines through in your message to her. She's really lucky to have you fighting in her corner. :D

Welcome to TTIC!!

Julie said...

Hey -- it's nice to meet another Twilight Tuesday person -- thanks so much for playing along with our challenge! You really put so much thought into this project -- that's really cool. Come and visit us again over at Twilight Tuesday.com!

kizgold said...

Wonderful LO!