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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentines Scrapbooking

Ideas for Valentines scrapbooking

Valentines Day is just a month away and all of us papercrafters are busy making our beautiful Valentines Day cards. What about scrapbook crafts? Here are some of my ideas for Valentines Day Papercrafting:

1. Make a mini book of things you love from A-Z
2. Love Letters - Do you save all the little love notes from/to your love? How about putting them all together in a beautiful scrapbook?
3. Decoupage Love Letter Box - If you dont want to put them all in a book, how about making a beautiful box to store all of your love letters? Like the one seen here:http://www.papercraftplanet.com/photo/100_4897-2?context=user
4. Valentines Decor: How about a beautiful wall hanging? I used a piece of cardboard that came with my patterened paper as the base and scrapbook supplies to make this wall hanging which I showcase during valentines day and have in my office year round.http://www.papercraftplanet.com/photo/100_4888-2?context=user
5. Make a why I love you layout about each of your loved ones and frame them for display
6. Write a love letter to each of your kids for valentines day and present it in a beautiful frame or decoupaged box.
7.Valentines day is also a great day to express your gratitude, how about scrapbooking in your gratitude journal, or starting a gratitude journal
8 Start a journal to your children and or loved ones, tell them how much you love them, keep it hidden somewhere and add to it when you want to tell them how special they are. I have one for each of my kids that I will present to them at graduation.
9. Use your scrapbook supplies to make valentines cards with young children. You can have them stamp their finger in the shape of a heart and sign each card.
10. Use left over scrapbook supplies to make I love you cards to store for any time of the year? When a loved on is having a bad day, pull out your stash and suprise them with a n"valentines card" no matter what day of the year it is.
11. Love Coupons - Use your scrapbook supplies to make Love coupons for your children or significant other. Each coupon giving of yourself, a foot rub, an extra half hour at bed time, a movie rental, a trip to the park, family game night, Dinner of choice, fast food night, a movie etc. These can be cashed in any time for a valentines gift that lasts all year long.
12. What I love mini-book - make a scrapbook which shows what all of your favorties are this year, movie, book, author, TV Show, pasttime, color, activity, blog, sports star, article of clothiung, best friend, snacks, drinks, place to eat etc.
13. What we love mini-book- Similar to the item above, make a scrapbook which gives one page to each member of the family, listing their current favorites, you can make this an annual valentines tradition.
14. More Decor, frame your favorite love poem or love quote or even definition by printing it on a transparency. frame it with a picture of you and your loved one in the background. To make the transparency POP, use a beautiful, love themed scrapbook paper in the background.

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